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  Last Updated: June 14, 2013 
Nanotechnology Activities Survey in Spain

Name of the Laboratory Polymer Therapeutics Laboratory
Department Polymer Therapeutics Laboratory

Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe

Institution (Acronym) CIPF
Contact Person (e-mail) VICENT DOCON, María Jesús
Address Av. Eduardo Primo Yúfera 3
Postal code 46012
Province Valencia
Autonomous Region Valencia, Comunidad de
Country Spain
Phone +34963289680
Fax +34963289701
Main Research Areas

* Polymer Therapeutics
* Targeted Drug Delivery
* polymer conjugates
* Combination Therapy

Participating Projects

* Polymeric nanoconjugates as single agents or in combination therapy. Versatile platform technology for tissue regeneration and cancer treatment.
Coordinator: María Jesús Vicent: MICINN Plan Nacional CTQ2010-18195/BQU. (118800.000 €)

* Title: Desarrollo de un kit universal para liberación remota controlada de fármacos mediante hipertermia magnética en aplicaciones oncológicas. Acronym: Hello Kit.
Coordinator: PI: Nico Cassinelli. Role: WP2 leader: MINECO. INNPACTO program (IPT-2012-0712-010000). (195328.000 €)

* Light-based functional in vivo monitoring of diseases related enzymes. LIVIMODE.
Coordinator: PI: B. Turk. Role: WP2 Leader.: FP7-HEALTH-2009-single-stage. Collaborative project. Project nº. 241919 (403200.000 €)

Three more relevant publications within 2010-2013

*   Conejos-Sánchez I, Duro-Castano A., Birke A., Barz M, Vicent M.J. - Polymer Chemistry 2013, 4(11), 3182-3186.

*   Barz M., Duro-Castano A., Vicent M.J - Polymer Chemistry 2013, 4 (10), 2989 - 2994 (Inside Front Cover Paper)

*   Giménez V., James C., Armiñan A., Schweins R., Paul A., Vicent M.J. - J. Control. Rel. 2012, 159(2) 290-301

Instruments and equipment available

* GPC Viscotek TDA triple detector system
* Full Tissue Culture Facilities witj Cytometer and Confocal Microscopy
* Animal Facilities with IVIS Spectrum Imaging System

Number of researchers (15)
Permanent positions (Prof, Dr) 1
PhD(contracted) 3
PhD Students 5
Technicians 2
Others 1
PhD 2010-2013 3
PhD Ramon y Cajal (currently) 0

Nanotechnology for structural applications
Nano powered ceramics
Composite materials containing nanocrystals or powders
Materials based on carbon nanotubes or fullerenes
Nanoparticulate coatings
Other - specify: Estudio de la Conformación en solución de nanoconjugados poliméricos
NanoTechnology for information processing storage and transmission
Nanoelectronics, materials and devices
Optoelectronics/optical materials and devices
Magnetic materials and devices
Organic (opto) electronics
Other - specify:
Nano(bio)technology for medical applications
Drug encapsulation
Targeted drug delivery, molecular recognition
Other - specify: Conjugació específica de agentes bioactivos (fármacos, proteínas, siRNA, etc.)
Nanotechnology for sensor applications
Nanostructured sensors
Sensors based on biological molecules
Other - specify:
Nanotechnology for (electro)chemical processing technologies
Catalysts or electrodes with nano-structured surface
Other - specify:
Long-term research with generic applications
Self- assembly
Quantum physics, mesoscopic systems, chemical
Interfacing to organic / biological molecules
Other - specify:
Instruments and equipment, supporting sciences and technologies
Analytical equipment and techniques
Powder production and processing
Deposition equipment and techniques
Patterning equipment and techniques
Other - specify:

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