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  Last Updated: September 4, 2013 
Nanotechnology Activities Survey in Spain

Name of the Laboratory
Department Departamento de Teoría y Simulación de Materiales

Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid

Institution (Acronym) ICMM-CSIC
Contact Person (e-mail) CHICO GÓMEZ, Leonor
Address C/ Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 3, Cantoblanco, Madrid
Postal code 28049
Province Madrid
Autonomous Region Madrid
Country Spain
Phone +34-913349038
Fax +34-913730623
Main Research Areas

* Carbon nanostructures: nanotubes, graphene
* Magnetic nanostructures
* Electronic and transport properties
* Vibrational properties

Participating Projects

* ransporte en nanoestructuras basadas en nanocintas de grafeno
Coordinator: Leonor Chico/Mónica Pacheco: CSIC/CONICYT (6.000 €)

* Efectos de espín en materiales basados en carbono: nanotubos y grafeno bicapa rotado
Coordinator: Leonor Chico: CSIC/CNPq (19.000 €)

* New quantum effects in state-of-the-art solid state systems: graphene-based electronics, topological materials and novel superconductors
Coordinator: Ramón Aguado: DGICYT (77.000 €)

Three more relevant publications within 2010-2013

*   J. González, H. Santos, M. Pacheco, L. Chico, L. Brey - Physical Review B / 81 // 195406 / 2010

*   E. Suárez Morell, P. Vargas, L. Chico, L. Brey - Physical Review B / 84 // 195421 / 2011

*   M. Pelc, L. Chico, A. Ayuela, W. Jaskólski - Physical Review B / 87 /165427 / 2013

Number of researchers (2)
Permanent positions (Prof, Dr) 0
PhD(contracted) 0
PhD Students 0
Technicians 0
Others 1
PhD 2010-2013 1
PhD Ramon y Cajal (currently) 0

Nanotechnology for structural applications
Nano powered ceramics
Composite materials containing nanocrystals or powders
Materials based on carbon nanotubes or fullerenes
Nanoparticulate coatings
Other - specify:
NanoTechnology for information processing storage and transmission
Nanoelectronics, materials and devices
Optoelectronics/optical materials and devices
Magnetic materials and devices
Organic (opto) electronics
Other - specify:
Nano(bio)technology for medical applications
Drug encapsulation
Targeted drug delivery, molecular recognition
Other - specify:
Nanotechnology for sensor applications
Nanostructured sensors
Sensors based on biological molecules
Other - specify:
Nanotechnology for (electro)chemical processing technologies
Catalysts or electrodes with nano-structured surface
Other - specify:
Long-term research with generic applications
Self- assembly
Quantum physics, mesoscopic systems, chemical
Interfacing to organic / biological molecules
Other - specify:
Instruments and equipment, supporting sciences and technologies
Analytical equipment and techniques
Powder production and processing
Deposition equipment and techniques
Patterning equipment and techniques
Other - specify:

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