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  Last Updated: July 22, 2015 
Nanotechnology Activities Survey in Spain

Name of the Laboratory Technology Transfer Office
Department Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

ICN2 - Institut Catala de Nanociencia i Nanotecnologia

Institution (Acronym) ICN2
Contact Person (e-mail) REVERTER CENDROS, Jordi / REVERTER CENDROS, Jordi
Address Campus UAB, Edifici ICN2
Postal code 08193
Province Barcelona
Autonomous Region CataluƱa
Country Spain
Phone +34 937372613
Fax +34 937372648
Main Research Areas

* Nanobiotechnology
* Nanometrology
* Nanomedicine
* Nanoparticles

Participation in other Networks


Useful web links or contacts for NANOSPAIN Network

Nanotechnology for structural applications
Nano powered ceramics
Composite materials containing nanocrystals or powders
Materials based on carbon nanotubes or fullerenes
Nanoparticulate coatings
Other - specify:
NanoTechnology for information processing storage and transmission
Nanoelectronics, materials and devices
Optoelectronics/optical materials and devices
Magnetic materials and devices
Organic (opto) electronics
Other - specify:
Nano(bio)technology for medical applications
Drug encapsulation
Targeted drug delivery, molecular recognition
Other - specify:
Nanotechnology for sensor applications
Nanostructured sensors
Sensors based on biological molecules
Other - specify:
Nanotechnology for (electro)chemical processing technologies
Catalysts or electrodes with nano-structured surface
Other - specify:
Long-term research with generic applications
Self- assembly
Quantum physics, mesoscopic systems, chemical
Interfacing to organic / biological molecules
Other - specify:
Instruments and equipment, supporting sciences and technologies
Analytical equipment and techniques
Powder production and processing
Deposition equipment and techniques
Patterning equipment and techniques
Other - specify:

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