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  Last Updated: September 16, 2013 
Nanotechnology Activities Survey in Spain

Name of the Laboratory Nanomaterials
Department Química Inorgánica - Facultad de Ciencias

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Institution (Acronym) NANOMAT
Contact Person (e-mail) ZAMORA, Félix
Address Cantoblanco
Postal code 28049 - Madrid
Province Madrid
Autonomous Region Madrid
Country Spain
Phone +34 91 4973962
Fax +34 91 4974833
Main Research Areas

* Molecular wires
* Graphene and carbon nanotubes
* Coordination polymers
* Covalent organic frame-works

Participating Projects

* Polímeros de Baja Dimensionalidad (MAT2010-20843-C02-01)
Coordinator: Félix Zamora: MCIN (250.000 €)

* NanoObjetos: from atoms to viruses (P2009/MAT-1467) -
Coordinator: Félix Zamora (Coordinador Julio Gómez): Comunidad de Madrid (120.000 €)

* Molecular wires and ultrasensitive molecular sensors based on metal-nucleobase (ACI2009-0969)
Coordinator: Félix Zamora: MICN y EU (120.000 €)

Three more relevant publications within 2010-2013

*   L. Welte, A. Calzolari, R. Di Felice, F. Zamora, J. Gómez-Herrero. - Nature Nanotechnology, 5, 110-115, 2010.

*   Cristina Hermosa, Jose Vicente Álvarez, Mohammad-Reza Azani, Carlos J. Gómez-García, Michelle Fritz, Jose M. Soler, Julio Gómez-Herrero, Cristina Góme - Nature Commun. 4, 1709, 2013.

*   Almudena Gallego, Cristina Hermosa, Oscar Castillo, Isadora Berlanga, Carlos J. Gómez-García, Eva Mateo-Marti, José I. Martínez, Fernando Flores, Cr - Adv. Matter. 25, 2141–2146, 2013.

Instruments and equipment available

* Reactor the sintesis alta P y T (controlada, programable)
* Microondas síntesis
* Equipos de AFM
* Electroquimica y medidas de conduccion IV

Number of researchers (15)
Permanent positions (Prof, Dr) 6
PhD(contracted) 0
PhD Students 4
Technicians 1
Others 0
PhD 2010-2013 3
PhD Ramon y Cajal (currently) 1

Other relevant information

Co-fundador y socio de la empresa spin-off de la UAM Nanoinnova S.L. (

Nanotechnology for structural applications
Nano powered ceramics
Composite materials containing nanocrystals or powders
Materials based on carbon nanotubes or fullerenes
Nanoparticulate coatings
Other - specify: Polimeros de coordinacion (MOFs)
NanoTechnology for information processing storage and transmission
Nanoelectronics, materials and devices
Optoelectronics/optical materials and devices
Magnetic materials and devices
Organic (opto) electronics
Other - specify:
Nano(bio)technology for medical applications
Drug encapsulation
Targeted drug delivery, molecular recognition
Other - specify:
Nanotechnology for sensor applications
Nanostructured sensors
Sensors based on biological molecules
Other - specify:
Nanotechnology for (electro)chemical processing technologies
Catalysts or electrodes with nano-structured surface
Other - specify:
Long-term research with generic applications
Self- assembly
Quantum physics, mesoscopic systems, chemical
Interfacing to organic / biological molecules
Other - specify:
Instruments and equipment, supporting sciences and technologies
Analytical equipment and techniques
Powder production and processing
Deposition equipment and techniques
Patterning equipment and techniques
Other - specify: CVD, tecnicas de deposición en superficie

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